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Black History is 365 days a year!

I wish I had some clever tagline to express how proud I am to come from a long line of black bakers...I don’t. I can say that from what I’ve seen, there’s always at least one cook in the family who gets tasked with baking each and every confection at the family events. Somehow, I always ended up underneath the foot of that individual in my family. I was and still am completely fascinated with the ease and knowledge these bakers show as they whip up the most lavish or simple desserts. And most of the time without recipes! Being the baking nerd that I am ( and combined with the fact that I wanted to find recipes since no...

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Spiced Apple Crumble 🍎 with Custard

 A darling friend of mine has a yummy food blog, and she, admittedly is not the best baker, so she has asked me to create a dessert recipe for her. Her goal was to have a Thanksgiving recipe that could be served individually, incase your celebration looks different this year. This one can be divided into several ramekins or in a 9x9 baking dish.  

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Vanilla , Vanilla and Vanilla

One of the best things about having my own bakery, is being able to experiment with alllll the ingredients. I get to think about each component of every dish. One of my favorite baking components to play around with guessed it, bananas!  I mean vanilla extract.  Homemade vanilla requires 2 ingredients, vanilla beans and alcohol.   Beans?  While there are many different types, I typically stick to 3 : Ugandan, Madagascar and Tahitian.  Ugandan is by far my favorite, and of course, the most difficult to find. The beans have a earthy, milk chocolate flavor if you will. So when I can find them, I use this extract exclusively for my cookies. Madagascar and Tahitian are more common, with...

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