Portfolio Cake

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We're adding more cakes and we need practice and pictures. That's where you come in. Our cakes are usually $65, but you can grab one for a mere $40. 


*Chocolate :  3 Moist ( shudders) chocolate layers topped with a creamy milk chocolate cream cheese frosting 


* Strawberry: This fresh strawberry cake is made from FRESH strawberry reduction! The cake is moist and tender with a beautiful pink color.


* Oreo : made with fluffy layers of white cake, huge chunks of Oreo cookies, and frosted with fluffy vanilla buttercream that tastes just like Oreo cookie filling.


Dreamsicle: Orange creamsicle cake is layered with a pineapple and coconut filling.


Banana Caramel: Moist banana cake layers covered in caramel sauce & frosted with more caramel frosting.